Our Approach

We work to connect buyers and sellers of ecosystem services, also referred to as nature's benefits. CMM's local service providers are trained to provide a credible and quality experience for both funding organization (buyer) and the land manager or farmer (seller) who is implementing the environmental best management practices. The CMM network provides a cost-effective, efficient administrative services and implementation processes to connect these buyers and sellers of ecosystem services. CMM's framework provides the contacts for shovel-ready implementation, necessary site-assessments, environmental credit valuation, record-keeping, and reporting for buyers and sellers.

Who We Are

Conservation Marketplace Midwest (CMM), a 501[c][3] non-profit organization, was created in 2008 by conservation professionals as an innovative approach to help meet water quality goals in watersheds across southern and central Minnesota. The straightforward process advances conservation adoption to help restore ecological function of our environment.

Field Stewards

Growing Clean Water Together

Close Up of Corn Field
Kids Jumping into the Lake

Linking Water Storage

Keeping Water and Soil on the Landscape

Expanding Pollinator Habitat

An Expansive Partnership to Protect Pollinator Habitat

Bee on Flower


Connecting and Creating Ecosystems and Environmental Markets

To create measurable ecological and social uplift by establishing new economic opportunities to advance conservation efforts.

Protecting Drinking Water Before The Tap

A Junction of Conservation and Human Health


Developing Public and Private Partnerships

* Advance conservation through innovative programs that value and reward ecological uplift.
*Partner with collaborators who want to create a landscape that delivers greater ecological value.
* Offer a process that is credible, transparent, and filled with integrity.
* Expand the knowledge base through education, research, and outreach.


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